Before acting, June Ritchie was the Carnival Queen of Stretford, and then Great Britain in 1959.

June RItchie Carnival Queen 1959The_Guardian_Mon__Oct_8__1962_
Prestwich & Whitefield Local Newpaper, 1959 
The Guardian, October 8, 1962
As a young actress, June Ritchie smoked cigars – chain-smoked them in fact, according to some reports of the time.June Ritchie cigar smoker      Logansport Pharos Tribune, Jul 24 1963

In 1964, June Ritchie was successfully sued for, of all things, keeping tortoises in her flat – and moving a piano.

Actress sued by former landlady

June Ritchie, who acted in the film ‘A Kind of Loving’, kept tortoises roaming around on the carpet of a flat she and her husband lased for a year in Wimpole Street, Marylebone, the owner told a West London County Court yesterday.

The owner, Mrs Monica Sproull, of Elystan Mansions, Chelsea, added that her rosewood piano had to be rebuilt because it has been moved next to the strongest heater. She sued the actress for a total of £192 15s 5d, which included damages to the flat and unpaid telephone and gas bills.

Miss Ritchie, of Lennox Gardens, Chelsea, who was not in court and not represented, was ordered to pay the money as well as costs.

The Guardian,July 28, 1964

June Ritchie tested for a role in the 1964 movie, THE BEAUTY JUNGLE (possibly that of  Shirley Freeman, the female lead).  The role – playing opposite Ian Hendry – eventually went to Janette Scott..

The screen test is held by the BFI :

In 1972, while on stage in London as Scarlet O’Hara in GONE WITH THE WIND, June Ritchie was romantically linked with Prince Charles.

ROYAL ROMANCE talk blossoms whenever Britain’s Prince Charles appears in public with a new companion.  Recent attention centered on actress June Ritchie, starring as Scarlett O’Hara in London’s current hit musical ‘Gone with the Wind’, who was the Prince’s date at a Windsor polo match.

June Ritchie and Prince Charles
June Ritchie married city financier and Brigadier’s son, Marcus Turnbull on 31 December 1962, in the midst of the famous Great Freeze.  To combat the snow, she travelled to the church in a sleigh!June Ritchie is married 1 Jan 1963
(with thanks to Martin Randall)
In the early years of her career, publicists made a great deal of June Ritchie’s healthy outdoors lifestyle (cigar smoking aside!) June Ritchie on the Serpentine 6 June 1963June Ritchie on the Serpentine 6 June 1963 (with thanks to Martin Randall)

In 1963, June was interviewed about her dieting secrets!

June Ritchie and I had never met before, but I recognised her immediately as she crossed the lobby of my hotel. London is plastered with her pictures advertising United Artists’ ‘The Mouse on the Moon’.

“It’s lovely to have a hit picture,” she said as we were seated comfortably in the dining room. “And it’s been fun to have people all over London recognise me.”

“I’ve taken off 25 pounds and I want to keep them off,” she explained after ordering a light lunch. “I know dieting can be frustrating unless you take into consideration your individual temperament. Because a plan has succeeded with a friend is no assurance it will be right for you.

“I could not be regimented into counting calories, so I made a long-range plan that I knew I could stick with. I had gained weight by snacking between meals so I was not allowed anything between meals but a cup of tea.

“This was my diet. I had tea with milk for breakfast, dry toast with mashed bananas. I love jam but this is a compromise. For lunch I had either a fruit salad, a large one, or a vegetable salad. Or sometimes I had asparagus and avocado. I didn’t allow myself butter, but to keep my skin from drying out I included avocado and with it had tea and always a large glass of skim milk.

“I began dinner with a salad, then lean meat and usually ended with cheese. Fortunate, I don’t care for sweets. But my diet was not great hardship and I had no desire to cheat.”

How to take off pounds!
How to take off pounds!