December Flower

December Flower (1979) Title Card

TV Movie
Shown December 1984

Seeking out her extended family after the death of her husband, ETTA visits her sole surviving relatives – an aunt who she has not seen since she was a child, and her cousin, AUNT M’s son, HARRY. Any expectation she has of a joyful reunion are shattered, however, as she discovers her aunt bedridden and near catatonic. She suspects that the housekeeper, MRS CULLEN, to whom Harry and his vicious wife MARGARET have given all care of Aunt M, is starving the old lady and keeping her drugged and compliant.

Etta’s is unwilling to accept that her aunt needs to be kept in such a condition and, after driving the housekeeper out, she slowly but surely brings her back to life.

In the face of opposition from Harry and Margaret, Etta finds new meaning and purpose in caring for Aunt M, and discovers how much this means to the old lady when she dies and her will is read.


June Ritchie


June Ritchie

Margaret Grey
Jean Simmons


Jean Simmons

Etta Marsh
Mona Washbourne


Bryan Forbes


Bryan Forbes

Harry Grey