1963Juke Box JuryHerself6 July 1963, alongside Ian Carmichael, Alma Cogan and Steve Race
Juke Box JuryHerself30 November 1963, alongside Jimmy Young and Nancy Spain
1965Heiress of GarthJosina GriffinMini Series based on the novel ‘Ovington’s Bank’
1966The SaintMildred‘Little Girl Lost’
1967Thirty-Minute TheatreJean Charnock‘Later a Man was Questioned’
The BaronJeanne Varda‘Roundabout’
Champion HouseDella Chevalier‘Sonata for a Solo Fiddle’
1968City ’68Trixie‘Love Thy Neighbour’
Père GoriotDelphineMini Series
1971The Ten CommandmentsJan Lee‘Be Lucky’
The Persuaders!Charlie‘Element of Risk’
1974SamJean Tufton‘A New World / Legacy’
Late Night DramaWife (Andrea)‘Starmaker’
1975You’re On Your OwnKathy‘No One Wants Any Trouble’ / ‘Assault’ / ‘Contract to Kill’
1977The Sunday DramaSheila Quince‘The Cuckoo Calls
1978Crown CourtAlison Freeman‘The Change’
1979KidsJanie Snell‘Harry’
BloomersDiana‘Episode 1’ / ‘Episode 2’
MinderJo‘The Bounty Hunter’
1980The MallensConstance RadletRegular Cast Member
1982Tales of the UnexpectedJenny Morrissey‘Operation Safecrack’
All for LoveEsme Fanshow‘A Bit of Singing and Dancing’
1983A Brother’s TaleLucy BrowningEpisodes 1.1 and 1.3
1985Summer SeasonSheila‘Picture Friend’
1988The Ruth Rendell MysteriesNancy Lake‘Shake Hands Forever: Parts 1-3’