All for Love

All for Love 1976 starring June Ritchie

A Bit of Singing and Dancing
Granada Television
Season 1 Episode 5
Episode aired  22 August 1982

ESME FANSHOW is a librarian who has lived all 40 years of her life with her mother, an overbearing woman who ruled her daughter’s life with an iron hand.

When her mother dies, leaving Esme her substantial fortune, Esme attempts to spread her wings. She tries doing things her mother wouldn’t have approved of such as using butter and cream at every meal. But her freedom is interrupted by her mother’s ghost who continually appears with mocking words. 

When MR CURRY mistakenly shows up in her garden looking for a room to rent with breakfast Esme decides to rent him her mother’s old room. She enjoys playing landlady to the rather mysterious gentleman who her mother’s ghost warns her to distrust.

One day Esme decides to follow Mr. Curry to find out what kind of work he actually does. She discovers he’s only a common street entertainer. 

But what is life without “A Bit of Singing and Dancing”?

Programme Notes

Adapted from a short story by Susan Hill.
June Ritchie


June Ritchie

Esme Fanshow
Evelyn Laye


Benjamin Whitrow