Bloomers Title Card

Season 1 Episode 1
Episode aired 26 September 1979
Barely employed actor STAN wakes after a drunken fight with his girlfriend LENA.  Discovering his rubber plant snapped in two, he follows an attractive woman, DIANA, into a florist where he buys a replacement plant.

Lena appears and  talks to Dingley, blaming Stan for the dead plant, for which she also buys a replacement.

Stan agrees to go into partnership with Dingley.

Season 1 Episode 2
Episode aired 4 October 1979

Stan works out a business arrangement with Diana, the lonely divorcee.

Programme Notes

The series only lasted five episodes due to the untimely death of star Richard Beckinsale at the tragically young age of 31.
June Ritchie


Richard Beckinsale


Richard Beckinsale

Stan Partridge
David Swift


David Swift

Dingley Paisley