Minder Bounty Hunter Title Card

The Bounty Hunter
Season 1 Episode 5
Episode aired 26 November 1979

When JO, a young widow and old friend of ARTHUR, appears to have been swindled out of her late husband’s insurance money by con artists selling dodgy Spanish villas TERRY investigates.

However, he finds that both the salesman who sold Jo the and FREDDIE FENTON, the money man behind the scheme, are both broke.  It looks as though Jo will not get her money back – until Arthur sees Freddie drive away from an exclusive club in a Rolls Royce.

Warned off by Freddie’s thugs, Terry and a friendly car thief steal the Rolls Royce ands hold it to ransom – Jo’s £6000 or he’ll never see the car again!

June Ritchie on set with Dennis Waterman.


George Cole


George Cole

Arthur Daley
Dennis Waterman


Dennis Waterman

Terry McCann
Derek Jacobi


Derek Jacobi

Freddie Fenton