The Persuaders!

Persuaders - Element of Risk

Element of Risk  
Season 1 Episode 15
Episode aired 1 March 1972

A microfilm hidden in an attaché case is added to DANNY WILDE’s luggage trolley by American criminal mastermind HARRY LOMAX.   With no choice but to play along after CHARLIE, one of the British gang working with Lomax, drags him into a taxi following a case of mistaken identity, Danny just about manages to bluff British gangster MITCHELL, though not his second in command, HARRIS.

Meanwhile, BRETT SINCLAIR is beginning to worry – he had a double date arranged which relied on Danny’s presence, after all! Disguised as a pilot (following the fortuitous death of the original pilot), he infiltrates the gang, but is soon unmasked, as is Danny, when the real Lomax turns up.

Mitchell and Lomax give the two men a stark choice – play their role in the theft of £9 million of gold bullion from the US Army, or die.  In the end it is only the Charlie, who is unwilling to see them killed, which saves the day and, after a chase across the tarmac, the villains’ plan is foiled.

The two men go on their double date – and Charlie’s reward for saving them?  A long prison sentence!

Programme Notes

'Element of Risk' marked the second time June Ritchie worked with Roger Moore for ITC, following 'Little Girl Lost', an episode of the series The Saint.
Roger Moore

1927 - 2017

Roger Moore

Lord Brett Sinclair
Peter Bowles


Tony Curtis


Tony Curtis

Danny Wilde