The Ruth Rendell Mysteries

Inspector Wexford Title Card

Shake Hands Forever 
Season 2 Episode 4
Episode aired 23 September 1988

OBERT HATHALL brings his mother home for a visit, and she finds her daughter-in-law murdered. Inspector WEXFORD is puzzled and annoyed by the attitude of both Hathall and his mother and some oddities in the physical evidence.

Season 2 Episode 5
Episode aired 30 September 1988

Reg Wexford becomes obsessed with ANGELA HATHALL’s murder case. He is sure he has his killer but he can’t prove anything. All he has to go by is a hunch. And his suspect takes steps to get Wexford off his back. Soon, Wexford’s job is on the line as DCC GRISWOLD orders him to stop further investigation in the case. But Reg Wexford still has a few cards up his sleeve. When attractive NANCY LAKE sets her eye on Wexford and tries to seduce him, things become complicated – will Wexford be able to resist the advances of a beautiful woman?

Season 2 Episode 6
Aired 16 March 1978

Wexford’s murder suspect is about to slip away. For Wexford and his team a race against time begins and the DCI has to pull all stops to solve a murder case that left him with only one single clue – a woman’s hand print. Relying on the help of his nephew and a trusted colleague, Wexford finally proves that his hunch was right. Will he and his team be able to stop a murderer and his accomplice before it’s too late? But Reg Wexford doesn’t realize that he is in for yet another surprise.

June Ritchie


June Ritchie

Nancy Lake
George Baker


George Baker

Chief Inspector Wexford
Tom Wilkinson


Tom Wilkinson

Robert Hathall