The Saint

Little Girl Lost
Season 5 Episode 10
Episode aired 18 June 1967

On holiday In Ireland, the Saint, SIMON TEMPLAR, rescues a mysterious girl from two men. She tells him that she is Hitler’s unknown and secret daughter, raised by Nazis, from whom she is on the run. Enlisting the aid of his friend, BRENDAN CULLIN, Templar soon discovers that in fact the girl’s name in MILDRED and that she is the daughter of the millionaire businessman EUGENE DREW.

She says that she is trying to elope with her sweetheart, a man of whom her father strongly disapproves. He agrees to help her and takes her to Cullin’s hunting lodge, pursued once more by the tow thugs, and after a run-in with a family of Irish tinkers.

The two men pursuing her are private detectives hired by Drew, who kidnap Mildred and, scenting a chance to make some real money, apparently double cross him and demand a ransom from her safe return.

The Saint goes to meet them with the ransom money but after a chance meeting with the real Mildred, he realises that the girl and the two men are in cahoots, and that the ‘kidnapping’ is simply a ploy to con Drew.

Templar calls in the police, and the two men are captured, although he let the fake Mildred go free.

Programme Notes

'Little Girl Lost' was one of the very few Saint television stories which were deemed by series' creator Leslie Charteris to be of high enough quality to warrant later novelisation (in 'Return of the Saint').
Roger Moore

1927 - 1917

Roger Moore

Simon Templar
Noel Purcell


Noel Purcell

Brendan Cullin