Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected Title Card

Operation Safecrack  
Anglia Television
Season 5 Episode 3
Episode aired 9 May 1982

SAM MORRISSEY was once the most infamous safe-cracker in Britain but now he’s retired, and can only be tempted back by a legitimate offer – attempt to break into the allegedly impregnable new Holdwell 801 safe, in a television studio, as part of an advertising campaign. If he succeeds he can claim the twenty-five thousand pounds inside the safe – enough money to save his daughter JENNY’s children’s home, which is on the verge of closure.

Time starts to run out and it looks as if Sam has failed. Fortunately for Sam safe-cracking is not his only talent.

John Mills


John Mills

Sam Morrissey
June Ritchie


June Ritchie

Jenny Morrissey