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Later a Man was Questioned  
Season 2 Episode 17
Episode aired 1 February 1967

Innocence in peril, a beast at large —Ambrose to the rescue. Or is Ambrose the beast? There’s a body and a weapon; but the girl who could prove Ambrose’s heroic story is missing.

Programme Notes

This 30 minute BBC play is missing from the television archives, having fallen victim to the junking policy prevalent in 1960s and 70s British television companies.

The play was written by Jack Trevor Story, who also wrote the movie LIVE NOW, PAY LATER, in which June Ritchie starred with Ian Hendry.

Thirty Minute Theatre - Later a man was questioned listing
June Ritchie

June Ritchie

Jean Charnock
John Carlin


John Carlin

Ambrose Charnock
Patrick Carter

Patrick Carter

Constable De'Ath
Robert Urquhart